November Issue

04 November, 2020

From the Author’s desk

Dear Readers,

Five months have passed since I have been working on The Feature Magazine –and what seemed to be impossible from a distance, has turned out to be a creative body of work that has left me overwhelmed with a joyful excitement to say the least.

Our 5th edition, which largely focuses on the impact of skills development organisations in South Africa, tries to establish a platform that connects the government, youth and organisations that offers technical skills development training.

As you browse through our website, you will be able to read a host of articles about entrepreneurship, books and the potential of businesses pivoting and finally do what has been preached since the advent of the fourth industrial revolution, which is to digitise. You will notice as you navigate through our website, that themes such as women inclusion, culture, books and youth and women empowerment are always almost presented in every issue of our magazine every month. Why is that? Because these themes are to some extent interconnected. As you read this month’s issue, you will soon realise the relationship of these above-mentioned themes.

To new readers of The Feature, we are excited to have you on board. We hope for your engagement on our conversations, and we want to also connect with you on all our social platforms. Help us to unlock these conversations and stay connected.

To unlocking conversations,
Miriam Dube,

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