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07 August, 2020

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Last month we launched the first issue of our blog magazine and what an overwhelming response we received! I always knew that I wanted to make a success of this blog, but never had I imagined that it would be so prodigious and have such an impact on our readers. The insights reveal that we received over 15000 impressions across all social media platforms. As our readers continue to grow, we are most thankful for the support shown as well the engagement with the content.

As the world examines the achievements and challenges towards curbing the spread of corona virus on this women’s month, we must take a critical look at the conflicting realities making women vulnerable.

In this issue, I am delighted to bring you our feature article, as it highlights the profound role women have played since the emergence of the corona virus. Needless to say the wearisome spike in domestic violence and sexual abuse that saw thousands of gender-based violence cases being reported during the first week of hard lockdown in South Africa only.

As I was reading this thumb-stopping feature article, It then dawned on me that although women are not celebrated enough around the world, there is nothing more fun to read and more inspiring than stories about women who are unapologetically stepping into the spotlight, risking their lives and that of their families and setting example to other women even in the midst of a crisis.

As we celebrate a month devoted to remembering the contributions of women, I would like to dedicate this issue to all the women out there who are constantly raising the bar and doing it so flawlessly and effortlessly, whether in their professional or personal life. I hope every woman out there can be touched by this feature article, and know that they matter. The more we show strength and courage as women, the more our role in society get prettified. I hope that you find this article to be interesting, encouraging and refreshing.

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Happy Women’s Month!

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