The Feature – Heritage Month

08 September, 2020

From the Author’s desk

Hello there

It is Heritage Month!

Moving from women’s month to heritage month, I found it really important and significant that mothers teach and share their heritage with their daughters. That is why I am dedicating this feature to all mothers and daughters. Society has normalized children identifying with their paternal heritage, but what about the single mothers who are raising daughters; what heritage should their daughters identify with?

It is said that in order to know where you are going, you need to know where you come from. Many of our daughters do not have the privilege of knowing their paternal roots, which determines their ‘culture’, and in turn identifies their heritage.

Heritage strengthens, unites, and helps people to identify. As mothers raising daughters, it is our duty to strengthen them mentally and emotionally. Your daughter’s identity is dependent on YOU, her mother. You as her mother are her heritage, and she, yours. The bond you two share will be what strengthens her and what molds her into the mother and woman she will be tomorrow!

What you impart on her will be what she imparts on her daughters, therefore a mother’s heritage never dies, it lives on through her future generations.

To my daughter, Nthabiseng I am so proud of the woman you are becoming, and the bond that we share. To all the mothers out there that are raising daughters, nurture the bond you have with your daughter, as it will be represented in the kind of mother, she turns out to be. May our story inspire you!


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