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The entrepreneurship route over the past year has been eye-watering in its speed given the struggling economy entrenched by high unemployment and problems emerging, forcing businesses to respond to them. 2020 has been tough for many small businesses to stay afloat amid government restriction affecting the day-to-day operation, be it capacity limits, trading hours or even forcing the business premises to shutdown altogether. For aspiring entrepreneurs, having to start or acting on an idea during the corona virus pandemic requires passion and just plain hard work, because the pandemic, which has seen many entrepreneurs lose tons of money is discouraging enough for one to not even consider starting a business.

Yet in the face of this glaring pandemic, 25-year-old Phathutshedzo Azwinndini Nechimboni who hails from Alexandra Township in Johannesburg, launched his male condom brand – Raw Pleasure on December 1, 2020 amid World Aids Day, after conducting research on what made a good condom for the whole year. During his interview with The Feature, he says that he needed to do something after seeing people close to him test positive for HIV, with nothing to offer them but words of encouragement. Concurrently, the Raw Pleasure condoms came at a time where the devastating effects of the pandemic has already contributed immensely to the ever-growing unemployment rate in the country, so while he wanted to offer something that will change the rules of the bedroom and encourage safe sex, he also wanted to change the narrative of not having many black-owned condom brand and also offer employment opportunities in the long run. He also disclosed that he has always had a knack for entrepreneurship, hence he is affectionately known as Mr CEO. He said that during his high school years, he had a money lending business, where he was borrowing his peers money and they pay it back with interest. Although it started as a way of helping few of his friends, he has also seen an opportunities come his way and capitalised on it. He believes that as an entrepreneur, satisfaction come not from financial gains, but having to see the idea come alive and the impact it has on people.

Apart from condoms being created to combat the spread of HIV and STI’s, and generally being a contraceptive, people are still contracting infection due to their reluctance, ending up disregarding the use of condoms during sex – exposing themselves to infections and unwanted pregnancies. So with the Raw Pleasure condoms, which offers a skin to skin feel and help couples get in the right mood while prioritising safety, we can almost become hopeful that they will help encourage the use and help combat the spread, especially among the youth.

Raw Pleasure also comes with a unique packaging that allows consumers to share their thoughts about the product. Phathutshedzo confirmed that Raw Pleasure condoms are SABS approved and are available at a retail price of R30 for a pack of four condoms plus lubricant.

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