The Advice Issue

09 October, 2020

From the Author’s desk

Hello Spring!

With the dawn of spring, and a new season upon us, I am pleased to introduce a feature edition titled “Ask Miriam”, which I am particularly very passionate about, because it speaks to me as a person and my life work as an HR Practitioner. Ask Miriam provide tips and advice on how to keep abreast with the current trends in the field of HR.

Not only do I provide informative HR related tips, I also give advice to those who reach out. I was overwhelmed by the number of responses to this segment. For me it was a sign of how unsure employees are about the avenues available to them at work. I decided to publish the top 10 questions received, which may inspire or aid you in any HR related issue you may have or experienced.

Whether you are in the job market and looking for ways you can prepare your CV or stay up-to-date on HR trends, the website is here to keep you informed.


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