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“We must make sure that girls have all the skills, the services and the self-confidence to protect themselves. Across all levels of society, we need to see a deep social revolution that transforms relationships between women and men, so that women will be able to take greater control of their lives- financially as well as physically. And we must encourage men to replace risk-taking behaviour with taking responsibility,” this is according to United Nations Secretary-General Kofi Annan.

Unfortunately, the toll of young destitute and abused girls is way above human visualization. Millions of these girls in South Africa continue to suffer from inadequate assistance and protection. And the number is skyrocketing each and every year, which places gender at the centre of discussions.

In an effort to tackle the unprecedented humanitarian crisis in South Africa, the Makeba Centre for Girls provide a home for impoverished and abused young girls who are between the ages of 11-18 years.

Based in President Park in Midrand, Makeba Centre for Girls is focused on easing the burden of these girls by giving emotional, academic, and spiritual guidance. Furthermore, the centre caters for the needs of the girls by providing counselling and emotional support, practical vocational training and life skills development services to enable the girls become self-sufficient and to progressively empower them to re-coordinate them into society where they will subsequently start to encounter meaningful and sustainable lives.

The centre finds itself under immense pressure to take in more girls, however due to financial constraints and other restrictions, they are unable to do so. It is now more than ever that Non-profit Organisations like the Makeba Centre for Girls need more humanitarian people to extend their gratitude and lend a helping hand. The centre is in need of, among other things, structural and environmental alterations such as painting, landscaping, grass cutting and tree decking.

The centre pleads with any individual or organisations who can be of any assistance to reach out to them as many girls need a home environment and food. The centre has enough space to cater for such, but there are not enough resources and food to sustain them.

In the words of former president of the Republic of South Africa; “We can in fact change the world and make it a better place.”

For donations visit the centre’s website on; www.miriammakeba.org or contact Aaron Kubai on 073 936 9886 or send an email on aaronkubai@yahoo.com / nelsonlee475@hotmail.com.

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