Letlhogonolo Modise Foundation

Supporting stroke survivors on their journey to recovery

Stroke is one of the most common health and medical conditions, affecting nearly 240 people and claiming 70 lives. According to the South African Stroke Society (SASS), these statistics makes stroke a leading cause of death and disability in the country. Because of its severity, timing is very important when someone is experiencing stroke symptoms. Acting quicker to get help can make a difference to better the chances of a patient making a full recovery.

It is commonly known that stroke is associated with older people, but young people are also affected greatly by this condition, calling for more safety measure to be taken seriously. At only 17, Letlhogonolo Modise – owner and founder of Letlhogonolo Modise Foundation – suffered stroke due to an underlying abnormal blood vessels, which has made her susceptible to stroke at a very young age.

Having had gone through a lonely journey during her recovery, like every patient, Letlhogonolo wished to have had a support group were survivors are given upkeep to aid their recovery.

With almost a decade since her stroke experience, Letlhogonolo started her foundation, a non-profit organisation committed to offer support to all the stroke survivors. Modise says she has learnt how young stroke survivors aren’t made a priority in terms of what happens on their journey to recovery. The foundation supports eight stroke survivors, offering them various forms of support including counselling. The foundation creates a community where stroke survivors have an opportunity to share their daily experiences amongst themselves while they regain their independence.

Their mission is to educate people on wellness issues.

“We envisage gaining funding in order to create a centre that can afford underprivileged stroke survivors the opportunity to gain physical and wellness direction, regardless of their ability to afford to – by offering clients an encyclopaedia experience.”

Each and every year, the world commemorate stroke awareness on World Stroke Awareness Week and World Stroke Awareness Day on 29 October. According to World Health Organisation (WHO), stroke incidence in low- and middle-income countries has more than doubled in the past four decades. This year’s World Stroke Awareness Day is observed when the world is fighting a heavy battle of COVID-19, which has seen medical health practitioners under immense pressure. Stroke awareness day is aimed at raising awareness about the symptoms of stroke, and the importance of taking treatment for recovery.

It is now more than ever that we need pioneers like Letlhogonolo Modise, who in their capacity do humanitarian work to assist stroke survivors in navigating their way through life and attaining their independence. To learn more about the organisation, contact Letlhogonolo Modise on:

 Telephone number: +27 60 525 3470

WhatsApp number: +27 76 442 8098

Email address: lmfoundation88@gmail.com

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