Local is lekker

25 January, 2021

From the Author’s desk

The beginning of a new year marks a time for putting the past behind and look forward with great optimism. It is time to evaluate last year’s successes and obstacles, while flexing with renewed hope and new possibilities into the New Year. As I reflect back to 2020, I have noticed that South Africans are really grasping the concept of becoming the architects of innovation, and we have seen an increase in entrepreneurs understanding branding and navigating all the channels to put their brands and messages out there. For example, we have seen an increase in the number of stores being opened of Bathu footwear, which means more employment opportunities for our fellow South Africans.

The coronavirus pandemic has indeed exhumed innovation and afforded each one of us a time to reflect on their dreams and aspiration. So, as we embark on a new year, let us also start to push the boat out for these emerging brands who are also putting a lot of effort to help shape the economy of the country and reduce the unemployment rate that is forever skyrocketing. We celebrate the likes of Thuto Stationery, Drip Footwear among a host of other brands that are continuing to do remarkable things even in the midst of a pandemic.

Our January issue - #Localislekker, is dedicated to celebrating our own, so we have decided to feature one such pioneer who defied the odds by launching his own condom brand called Raw Pleasure condom. We also share a review on what’s Your Move? A book on financial education by social entrepreneur Nicolette Mashile as we think it can inspire and guide you to financial independence. I really hope you enjoy our issue and thank you for reading and for actively participating with me each and every month. It is an honour for me to share my thought processes and inspirational content with you here and I do not take it for granted.

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