February Issue

08 February, 2021

From the Author’s desk

Dear Readers,

With the hustles that goes with securing financial freedom and the buzz that comes with being a woman in male-dominated industries, it’s quite easy to take our very existence for granted. Often we neglect the importance of raising women and celebrating them, whether out of motivation or simply support - it is important to highlight the role of women who always make sacrifices to help others and changed the world to what it is today.

From the 9 to 5 worker who split their time between families and side hustles, to the businesswoman who go out of their way to create opportunities and continues being the beacon for all the young girls who are following in their footsteps. Women continue to prove that when given the opportunity they can undoubtedly rise to the occasion and lead not only with confidence, but with respect and compassion. This month we show love and appreciation to those who are double hatting all in an effort to challenge the boundaries set by the limitations that we place on ourselves.

Join us as we celebrate and recognise 6 phenomenal women who are deeply wrapped up in the work they do, creating something genuinely connected to who they are, and bringing value and hope to those who look up to them.

Miriam Dube,

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