Book review: Strength for today, hope for tomorrow

“Strength for today, hope for tomorrow” is the comprehension of what it is like to be a believer in times when faced with adversity. The book seeks to answer a difficult question, which often crosses the mind, “does God love me?” The author, Milo Mlangeni, penned this book to restore hope and lighten the spirits of people who are at a point of brokenness. Through this book, the author assures that whatever you are going through, things will get better.

It is possibly a coincidence that this book came at an unfortunate time where many people across the world have suffered a tremendous loss due to COVID-19. Many people have had to face a terrible loss of their loved ones, some have lost their jobs and in the midst of all, many have lost hope. There is literally no realm of humanity that is not touched by these misfortunes. For as much brokenness we encounter in our lives, there is just as much renewal. People will leave your life, you will encounter adversity at work, even worse lose everything that has your name on it, however it is very important to know that sometimes things happen to make room for even bigger and better things that are about to come your way.

The book opens with the author declaring that even in the midst of all the turmoil, losses, struggles, and failure, God’s grace always abounds. The book is compelling and it is non-judgemental. At the very beginning, she dedicated the book to her son. Her dedication suggests a time in her life where she was in her lowest and did not have much hope. She describes her experience while encouraging the readers to trust in God and find meaning in his word, even in a time of loss and desperation.

I think this book would help bring hope to everyone going through a rough patch in their lives and at a point of brokenness. The author assures, judging from her own experience and that of others, that the sun will shine again, and after hard storms, you will be able to appreciate grace in abundance. My favourite part is an extract in the first chapter where the author affirms that, “We started off with nothing, but us. When we lose everything, as long as we do not lose ourselves, we can start all over again…”

While I recommend this book to other readers, I would like to recommend it to adults and older teenagers, mainly because it will resonate better with them. The book is well written that young adults could also read and understand the message the author is handing over. Milo Mlangeni’s narrative voice is wonderful. She is personal in her writing, but also very enlightening, which makes it an engaging read. Strength for today, hope for tomorrow” is undoubtedly a book that will never become obsolete.

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