Book Review – A Daughter Of Pangea

As a Thought Leader, I tend to put my thoughts on paper and share my experiences with others, and in the process of doing that, I ended up with a body of work in the form of a book, which I am extremely proud of, titled  ‘A Daughter of  Pangea’

A Daughter of Pangea follows my life, a young woman from a small town, Upington, who journeyed and planted seeds through Africa. I travelled and stayed in the Democratic Republic of Congo before briefly settling in Kenya and returning to South Africa. A journey that was steeped with the challenges present in the cultivation of my success. 

The narrative explores migration and the will to push through the boundaries of nationality and ethnicity to pursue success. I am a daughter of a migrant labourer, who arrived in South Africa to pursue a work opportunity in the mines, but swiftly made his way to the Northern Cape, in search of better opportunities. In navigating the terrains of success as the daughter of a migrant, I also explore my memory of xenophobia and afro-phobia through-out Africa, carefully taking my readers through the nuances of nationality and ethnicity that one must navigate to reach success in Africa today.

The contents of the narrative reflect a deep awareness of the challenges of African unity and Women in leadership. As these are of many organisation’s strategic aims to advance capacity in Africa, the book therefore offers a narrative that stands alongside this vision, and to propel it through-out the continent. 

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  • Posted August 8, 2020 by Mathabang Mokoena 0Likes

    I really can’t wait to have my copy. I will be happy to read this book.

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